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  • How Do Electric Cigarettes Work?

    Apparatus of Electric Cigarettes The electric cigarettes are the devices made for the purpose of reducing the usage of actual cigarettes thereby eradicating or minimising the harmful effects of tobacco. An e-cigarette acts as a nebuliser and forms a mist of the tobacco by heating the components so that a physical sensation of tobacco is created. When the contents in the liquid vaporise by heating a mist is formed that induces a satisfaction in the smoker. The recent invention of e-cigarettes was done by a Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik in the year 2003. However, the earliest contribution on this was […]Read More

  • purchasing e-cigarettes online

    Save money and time by purchasing e-cigarettes online.

    Smokers do not really care where they buy the ‘weapons’ from or, do they? Have you ever given a thought of buying a cigarette online? If not, let’s briefly discuss how beneficial is purchasing them online. Online Buying: Is it really worth it? In this busy world and revolutionized internet era, buying e-cigarette is indeed a good decision. You will get good discounts, many combo offers with free shipping and cash on delivery facilities. One of the main reason why people opt for online shopping is you can analyze the review posted for various brands, abundant product line and accessories specific […]Read More

  • why e cigs

    Why E Cigs

    Why e-cigarettes?  Why Smoke NV E-cigarettes The benefit of the Smoke Free 1st E-Cigarette, is the way the actual device is designed and operates. Most electronic cigarettes are comprised of a complicated 3, or even 4 piece design. The two piece system in Smoke NV means that replacing the cartridge doesn’t require getting out the manual. ● Other brands require partial or even complete disassembly of the device, just to change the cartridge. Every time you replace the cartridge with smoke NV, you replace the mouthpiece and the atomization chamber, meaning that Smoke NV electronic cigarette always tastes fresh […]Read More

  • Electronic Cigarettes

    Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe? – Important Question to the Experts

    The virtually overnight popularity of electronic cigarettes has left many people with inadequate information about the ingenious devices. One of the questions that are most common is, “are electronic cigarettes safe?” This is a very important question for every new technology and it is important because people need to be assured before they can go out and buy the product. It is also important because tobacco has been proven to be a health risk to smokers. People however don’t want to jump from the frying pan into the fire when it comes to health benefits. In order to answer this […]Read More

  • hot ecig models (1)

    Chase Cigs promo in making e-smoking economical and hence satisfying

    Chase Cigs promo yields phenomenal results at the moment when the total billing is done. A promo or a promo code is something similar to a discount coupon or coupon code. They code that that is contained into the promo voucher are a set of magic characters that when used, the prices are redeemed considerably. Promo codes for many a product available through e-shopping are available at affiliate websites. Similarly Chase Cigs promo is available too. They have the same function of redeeming prices to a large extent making a purchase economical.

  • E Cigarette flavors

    E Cigarette Flavors – Not Just Tobacco

    Smoking has become a major concern amongst people, which needs to be addressed instantly. According to the latest statistics more than half of the world’s population smokes. Besides harming the users, it also causes air pollution and harms the health of your family. The tobacco content of the cigarette affects the internal part of your body.   Why people prefer to use electronic cigarettes Considering this issue, many alternatives have been introduced like nicotine gums, pills, tablets. Amongst them, electronic cigarettes have proved out to the best solution. Undoubtedly, it has helped many people to quit smoking. There are array […]Read More

  • History of E Cigarettes

    E-Cigarettes: A Safer Alternative to Smoking

    E-cigarettes are now-a-days often presented as an alternative solution for smokers who want to quit smoking but struggle to overcome their addiction. However it has been recently found out based on some research that this popular and rising fashion could be harmful to the lungs too. Although some sources are saying that they are very less harmful in comparison to regular cigarettes, still they also contain nicotine which might cause some harm to your health. Now-a-days, about 700,000 people keep these electronic pens with them in order to quit smoking. Negative Aspects of E-Cigs Although electronic cigarettes distribute nicotine through […]Read More

  • cig v2

    Reasons why as an e cig v2 is among the best

    Among the best of electronic cigarettes is the v2 electronic cigarette. These cigarettes are produced with very high quality in order to satisfy even the most discerning smokers. V2 electronic cigarettes are continuously improved to keep up with the needs of customers. Compared with any other e cig v2 continues to enjoy being at the top of the industry because the cigarette has many innovative ideas which keeps it ahead of the competition. V2 electronic cigarettes undergo thorough testing in order to ensure that they meet the needs of every customer better than the cigarettes offered by other electronic cigarette […]Read More

  • brands of e-cigarettes

    What are the different brands of e-cigarettes? Which are the best?

    There are a number of e-cigarette brands available in the market. Some of the top brands amongst them are V2, Smokeless Image, SmokeStik, and Apollo just to name a few. Now, deciding the best amongst them is quite a task. There are a number of sites which deliver various reviews about them and choose the best each year. Let’s have a brief discussion about each of them and try to find out the best one. V2 Cigs: Masses’ Choice They are plain and simpler than rest of the e-cigarettes available. They have more vapour and are tastier as compared to […]Read More

  • History of E Cigarettes

    The History of E-Cigarettes

    Electronic cigarettes are now-a-days widely appreciated all across the world. This amazing technology has helped people to save a lot of money while switching them away from smoke gradually without making any compromise with the pleasure. But have you ever wondered about the origin of this idea? Who was the first person to think about this idea? And who was the first one to develop them? The Origin of the Idea Although this device was first developed during 2003 by Han Lik, a Chinese pharmacist and a chain smoker, the first person who got the idea of such a technology […]Read More

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  • v2cigs-mega-prizes1

    V2 Cigarette Review

    V2 Offers E-Cig Kits and Vape Pens too, Find out if V2 Cigarette offerings still present a smart purchase and competitive vape product.

  • Vapor-Couture-FANCYBOX-batteries-style-3

    Vapor Couture Review

    The Complete Guide to Vapor Couture-The Original Sleek, Chic E-cig Brand For Ladies Only Amazingly, despite the fact that 65% of all e-cig smokers are women, electronic cigarette companies keep on putting out plain-Jane products geared to men. White or black electronic cigarettes with ordinary orange LED tips are the standard. Flavors remain unchanged since the inception of e-cigs, although a few companies came out with fruity flavors and itty-bitty pink electronic cigarettes in a conciliatory attempt at addressing this issue. V2 Cigs has stepped up and changed the game with its line of e-cigs for women. Vapor Couture has [...]
  • smokeless-image

    Smokeless Image

    The Smokeless Image brand of electronic cigarettes is committed to producing the highest quality of e-cigarettes. After speaking with the founder of Smokeless Image, I knew that their products focused on satisfying the customers. Based on the widely popular KR808D-1 model, the Smokeless Image E-Cigarette has advanced in the type of battery and cartomizers used. These changes have made the Smokeless Image e-cigs far superior over the original in every aspect. Simplicity and electronic cigarettes that replicate cigarettes are what many smokers want. The VOLT e-cig by Smokeless Image has successfully succeeded in fulfilling the purposes of electronic cigarettes. The [...]
  • 510cartomizer-300x216

    Joye EGO-TANK Review

    Review of Joye EGO-TANK The renowned manufacturer Joyetech has released their newest model of e-cigarettes, the Joye eGo-Tor or “Ego Tank”.  The Ego-t atomizer has empty plastic ‘tanks’ that are filled with E-liquid.  The eGo-T uses this instead of poly fill in a cartridge. Joyetech’s Newest Development in e-Cigarettes is the Joye eGo-T The new Joye EGO-Tank / Tankomizer system is ground-breaking progress.  Fresh products and technological advances that change the overall value and attractiveness of e-cigarettes only appear once a year or so.  This new ground-breaking system will affect all e-cigarette users too, not just those who are passionate […]

  • njoyestarter

    NJOY Electronic Cigarettes Revies

    NJOY Electronic Cigarettes NJOY Electronic Cigarettes NJOY has been a major supplier of electronic cigarettes in the United States for almost as long as the technology has existed. Though they’ve cultivated an impeccable reputation over the years for their excellent business practices, NJOY has been crippled in recent years by its relatively stagnant lineup of increasingly obsolete products. For a long time, I used a NCIG; a standard, three-piece electronic cigarette sold by NJOY that was sometimes called a “pen-style” electronic cigarette due to its appearance. Back then, NJOY offered two main products – in addition to the model I […]

  • Green Smoke ult_kit

    Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review

    Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit What does this kit come with? The standard starter kit comes with one battery, five nicotine cartridges, one AC wall charger, and one USB charger which will integrate directly with your wall charger. What is it?  This is a great electronic cigarette starter kit to try out the Green Smoke, and experience all of the best that e-smoking has to offer.  You can easily add additional accessories such as extra batteries, carrying cases, and chargers as your needs and budget will allow. How do I use it? First unpack the kit and charge the […]